Trigger Point Therapeutic Massage

Why Trigger Point Therapeutic Massages?

Trigger point therapeutic massages are specifically designed to alleviate the source of the pain by using isolated pressure and release on specific points of the body. First, the massage therapist will verify the discomfort parts prior to the massage. The patient will then perform deep breathing while the massage therapist hones in to painful spot controlling the intensity and pressure of the massage precisely.

The results for our patients are remarkable when using trigger point therapeutic massages. Another advantage of trigger point therapeutic massages compared to other massage therapies is that it manages and treats pain specifically to problematic areas. Trigger points can become visible showing knots or tight bands of muscle fibers. Due to the tenderness of these sites, patients often feel that the long lasting benefits of trigger point therapeutic massages are not worth the temporary pain they feel as a result of treatment. Considering that an untreated trigger point is likely to cause even more intense spreading pain and could cause problems with balance or posture, the long-term benefits of this type of therapy outweighs the short-term pain associated with trigger point therapeutic massages.

Post Trigger Point Therapeutic Massages

Once the trigger point has been effectively treated or removed, it is very important for the patient to keep hydrated. The breaking down of the trigger points takes all of the toxins that have built up in the problematic areas and releases them into the blood stream. Without the proper hydration, toxins can actually make the patient sick. Simply drink plenty of water or other healthy beverages will allow for the toxins to wash out of the blood stream in a shorter period of time. Additionally, a warm epson salt will benefit you my removing the excess toxins form your body. The warm epson salt bath will also treat the soreness while relaxing your muscles.