Peripheral Neuropathy

Chiropractor for Peripheral Neuropathy – Dr. Christopher Bretz

Peripheral neuropathy is an extremely common diagnosis and affects millions of people right here in America. Unfortunately the medical profession has few choices for the relief and fewer for the return of normal function of peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerves make up the vast network of nerves that carry information from the brain and spinal cord to all other parts of the body. Not just some but ALL other body parts.  Needless to say any damage to these nerves interrupts communication from brain to body. This includes arms, hands, head, face, legs, feet, as well as, all the organs. Peripheral nerves may also carry information from the body to the brain, such as pain and temperature sensation.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke there is no medical treatment which will cure peripheral neuropathy.  There are many forms of treating it symptomatically.  The standard according to NINDS is the usual, rest and live a healthy lifestyle and of course drugs to relieve symptoms.

However, alternatively we at Revive Medical Spa are having great success using Erchonia cold lasers, an FDA approved laser.  This special medical laser is documented and proven in clinical trials to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, causes cell regeneration and increases blood flow and circulation within the tissues. It is non invasive, fast and effective. By using this laser along with percussion, ion foot baths, and specific nutrition to increase Nitric Oxiide (a vasodilator) and specific Chiropractic instrument adjusting we are seeing a 85 to 92% result in symptom relief with our patients.  This is accomplished in a short period of weeks.

According to National Institute of Health 60 – 70% of diabetics have PN.  There are dozens of other causes such as trauma, vitamin defeciencies, alcohol, chemo therapy, drugs, toxins, slipped or degenerated discs and many more. We had one patient recently interviewed by channel 8, G. Guyardo, that had PN from a stroke and used a walker,she had poor balance and numbness, tingling as well as pain and loss of foot and leg control. Severely limited. After trying all the conventional medical treatment with drug after drug with no real relief she came to us and within weeks her condition allowed her to give up her cane and walker and even went dancing. She is now according to her own testimony 80- 90 % better and living a normal and enjoyable life again. This could be you if you just give alternative medicine a chance.

This is just one story there are many, many more like hers with causes of PN from diabetes, back and or neck disc issues, chemo therapy for cancer treatment, alcoholism , etc. This treatment really does a wonderful job restoring peoples lives . It is safe and effective , drugless, painless and affordable.   If you have been told you have PN why would you continue to suffer needlessly, call our office today at 727-321-6130.  We want to help you change your life and live the life you deserve.