Chiropractic & Spinal Health

Your Spine Needs a Chiropractor

Chiropractic examinations are very similar to standard examination procedures administered by all health care providers. Your spinal health depends on you to know when a chiropractor should perform an exam. In addition chiropractors will examine the structure and function of the spine. An initial exam for back pain will typically include a consultation, case history and physical examination. Because Dr. Bretz has post graduate degrees in orthopedics and nutrition, he may decide to do further orthopedic examination or recommend follow up diagnostics including labratory, x-ray, MRI or nutritional analysis. Wellness exams would include all of the above as well as analysis of General wellness, exercise, stress, sleep, weight and diet issues.

The wellness model is based on the premise of promoting, regaining and/or maintaining health and wellness and thereby preventing disease. Rather than look for something to attack the disease, the wellness approach analyzes what is absent. During a Wellness Examination we determine if you have nutritional/dietary deficiencies or challenges – whether the body systems are working at optimum levels ie the kidneys, adrenals, thyroid, heart, digestive, lungs, etc. In addition, we do a structural, orthopedic exam and basic nuerological tests such as eyes, ears, nose, throat – in short a “whole man” evaluation. We are looking for what is missing that would create wellness, whether it be proper nerve supply, proper nutrients, proper exercise, strategies to deal with stress, etc. so that you can obtain optimum health.